Hotschedules Login

Login to HotSchedules to create, post and manage employee work schedules online.

HotSchedules is an employee scheduling and workforce management application designed for use within the restaurant, retail and hospitality industries. HotSchedules automates operational tasks such as scheduling, shift communication, reporting, forecasting, recruiting and training.

How to login to HotSchedules on mobile?

- The first way: Using your mobile’s web browser you can perform the steps given away and login.
- Second way: You can also find Hotschedule App for Android, iOS and Windows and use it to login.

Click the link below to download:

Link download Hotschedule App for Android

Link download Hotschedule App for IOS

Link download Hotschedule App for Windows

How to login to HotSchedules on the Web:

Open a Web browser that you are using and type in the address:

You will be instructed to Login as shown below:

- Enter uername in the "Username" box
- Enter user password in the “Password” box.
- Click “Log In”.

General Features of HotSchedules

- You can access the work schedule at all times and from any device which is connected to internet

- Allows you to get notifications for specific items such as changes in schedule, approvals for shift trade and locations, and new messages.

- One can also enable the automatic pick up and release

- Or view all the open shifts and generate request for the release or pick-up

- You can also request for the release or the swap of the shifts

- Employee roster, employee contact information and other details are easily available

- Allows you to contact your colleagues using the text messaging and email. You can also contact the co-workers directly using the HotSchedules platform.

- You can request for the time-off

- Round the clock customer support is available to resolve your issues and answer your questions. You can also send email at