TeamSnap Login

TeamSnap is the No. 1 sports team, club and league management software. You want log in to TeamSnap. See this guide:

TeamSnap will make you snap your fingers and do a happy dance because they are that simple to use.

How to login to TeamSnap

Step 1:

Open a Web browser that you are using and type in the address:
You will get a guide as shown below:


Step 2:

Type in your email address in the “Email” box

Then enter your NetSuite user password in the “Password” box.

If you tick the "Keep me logged in" box your email address and password will be saved. This means that next time you log on you will not need to re-enter these details.

Click “Log In”.


You can also sign in to your account using a third-party login such as Facebook.
You need click on the “Log in with Facebook”, and then click on the “OK” button at the bottom right corner of the pop up window to accept the terms of service and access the site.

Free and paid plans are available with features that:

- Make managing any sport easier, including soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, softball, football, lacrosse and more
- Get all the info you need with team roster management at your fingertips
- Help you track who’s coming to each game or practice
- Sync personal and team calendars for easy team scheduling
- Send messages to the whole team or just a group, making team communication a breeze
- Receive real-time game updates with TeamSnap Live!
- Manage volunteers, carpool, field clean-up, lineup creation and more with Assignments
- Easily share team photos and files

New features in version 3.7.0:

- You can no longer invite family members to join TeamSnap before the main player has accepted their invitation, thus avoiding the software equivalent of Uncle Merv showing up early to a party and standing around awkwardly by the buffet table.
- We've removed friction from sending invites to family members, the friction being "pointless confirmation messages that scared people into not doing it."
- Pull-to-refresh now actually refreshes, rather than simply being pull-for-the-sake-of-pulling.
- Adding your gender in the Spanish or French version no longer causes errors. Still, you should have paid more attention in Ms. Bonito's Spanish class in 7th grade.
- Putting two email addresses in one email field is now handled with an almost transcendent level of grace.
- Players with unknown availability are still mysterious, but at least their sort order isn't.
- Changed some verbiage. A future update will change some nouniage.
- To paraphrase Toni Braxton, we unbroke some stuff.

Good luck!