VOXOX login to be able to make cheap or free calls to anywhere in the world, with the text, chat, fax, file sharing and much more.

You want to log in VOXOX, follow this guide:

Open a Web browser that you are using and type in the address:


You will be instructed to Login as shown below:

- Enter your username.

- Enter your password.

- Click “Log in”.


Voxox is the consumer software service for making free or cheap calls to anywhere in the world, with text, chat, fax, file sharing and more.

Voxox just announced that its virtual PBX service Cloud Phone is now going to include free SMS with all Cloud Phone subscription plans. The major virtual PBX players typically do not offer two-way texting for free within their monthly calling plans. With Cloud Phone, all calling plans now come with 1,000 to 5,000 monthly text messages at no additional charge.

VoxOx is pioneering in what many people have been waiting for for years, and has shown the project to be ambitious and well orchestrated. If they improve the performance of the application and take care of the call quality, they are in for a leading role in the Unified Communications and VoIP market. Do try it and at worst, you will have got 2 hours of free calling worldwide. According to TelCentris, you can even deploy it in your business.