Webmail Login

Webmail is an email which you can access online from any computer that has an internet connection.
You want to login to Webmail to send and receive mail -> Check out this guide!

Open a Web browser that you are using and type in the address:


You will be instructed to Login as shown below:


-Type in your email address in the “Email” box

-Then enter your Vine user password in the “Password” box.

-Click “Sign In”.


You want to learn more about Webmail:

From Webmail is also used with the noun such as webmail service or webmail providers to refer to an email service is provided via a website.

The first is the Hotmail Webmail service. The most popular Webmail providers is now Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail.

Từ Webmail còn được dùng chung với các danh từ khác như dịch vụ webmail hay nhà cung cấp webmail để chỉ đến một dịch vụ email được cung cấp thông qua một website.

The other Webmail providers include Inbox.com, AIM Mail, Mail.com, Fastmail.FM, Lycos Mail, BlueTie, Everyone.net, and LuxSci. The user can also run a Webmail Software on your Web server yourself. The commercial Webmail Software includes Outlook Web Access (OWA), Laszlo Mail, Atmail and SmarterMail. Open source Webmail Software includes Horde IMP, OpenWebmail (based on NeoMail), RoundCube, SquirrelMail, and Zimbra.

Many universities and secondary use that software to help students and faculty can view email through the website.
Many Internet service providers also offer Webmail for its customers. There are a few applications that manage webmail, you can use it to check all these emails from any supplier. Mail2Web.com and Email4Web.com are popular applications.