5 Daily Items You Can Recycle for Cash

Contrary to what most people perceive, being eco-friendly is not expensive. Going green does not end in supporting environment-friendly products, minimizing waste, and proper segregation of garbage. You can be a green warrior and earn extra money on the side. This article will discuss the potential of making cash by recycling the items you see around your home, such as food scraps, clothes, newspapers, and many more.

What you are about the consider is good for the environment, so here are some items you can recycle, which some people or junk removal in New York City businesses can buy.

  • Bottled water. In most cities all over the world, tap water is no longer an option for drinking because of the distribution facilities. Thus, drinking bottled water is fairly common. Most families consume around 5-8 bottles per day; collect them for a month and you’ll have around 150-240 water containers. Some dealers give incentives to customers who collect plastic water bottles. Some dealers, on the other hand, buy the used plastic for recycling purposes.
  • Shoes, clothes, and accessories. Old garments, bags, and fashion accessories that we no longer use can be auctioned off via garage sales or the online marketplace. You may not want these items anymore, but some people may still have use for them. Also, some brands buy back their items with a trade-in for the latest one.
  • Books, comics, and newspapers. If your children have outgrown their textbooks, separate them from regular garbage items. Also, if your old magazines and newspapers have taken too much space in your basement, then it’s time to get rid of them. However, you may not want to leave them out in the garbage bins; you can sell these items to your local junk shop. Some comic issues are now considered collectible; you can sell them online for a reasonable price. Make some money instead of throwing these items away.
  • Old electronics. Instead of throwing away your old broken smartphones, tablets, DVD players, radio, and other electronics, you can sell them to some electronic recycling facilities or junkyards which can recycle them. These items are acceptable regardless of the condition of the electronics. Also, telecommunication companies offer phone plan upgrade programs in exchange for your old one, which is still working, while others offer gift cards. This is the better way instead of your old items ending up in a landfill.
  • These items are recyclable, and there’s a proper way to dispose of them. Your car, electronics, and broken rechargeable batteries still have value for junk shops, so you can also make some extra cash from them. Just get in touch with any junk removal service near you for guidance on what to do next.

So, the next time you do some home clearing, remember to separate the above items from other clutter and sell them instead. Most of these items are common, so you have a better choice than just leaving them for disposal. Also, keep an eye out for green fairs in your community where junk buyers and sellers come together for trading and recycling activities.

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