Know How Wisepowder Anandamide benefits Memory Power In Human

Anandamide Power or, wisepowderAnandamide(AEA) holds notable recognition as an endogenous phenomenon (cannabinoid neurotransmitter) within the human brain, which signifies that individual’s brain is competent of generating anandamide with no consumption of foods including AEA. Mammal spices have brains along with raw cacao, which is proved to contain anandamide in several amounts.


Anandamide, also branded as N-arachidonoylethanolamine, deserves special means as a neurotransmitter concerning fatty acid which originated from the metabolism, a non-oxidative one, concerned with eicosatetraenoic (arachidonic) acid, a necessary fatty acid (omega-6). The name “Anandamide” is derived from “ananda,” a word in the Sanskrit language, which indicates “delight, joy, bliss,” with amide. It’s generated from the precursor N-arachidonoyl phosphatidylethanolamine via numerous pathways. But, beyond creativeness, Anandamide or, wisepowderAnandamide(AEA) presents a range of benefits.

Working memory

It’s a key component relating to creativity. Anandamide assists in gathering scores of information for creating innovative ideas. Now, there are hardly any investigations conducted on grown-ups who stay healthy, but a remarkable model demonstrated that rats afflict the deficiencies concerning working memory. This theory has explained that this cognitive action occurs solely due to Anandamide.

From the evidence stated above, it’s obvious that Anandamide works in collaboration with the working memory (in humans) simultaneously with various mechanisms. This is a scientifically established change but, for those who always stay fit, the enormity is yet unidentified.


As per the words of a notable neuroscience expert, Anandamide deserves the ability to prove to be a powerful chemical that is profoundly related to neurogenesis, especially concerned with the elderly. The expert performed research with deep insights into Anandamide effects and communication with the human brain. 

Till recently, scientists held the view that neurogenesis solely occurred in youth (adolescents). These days, it’s perceived that neurogenesis persists and is extended to adulthood. The better you control it, the lessen you bear the risk of neurodegenerative complications like dementia in addition to memory issues.

Anti-Depressive benefit

The assistance (i.e. benefit) of wisepowderAnandamide(AEA) exceeds cognitive benefits without a pause with it. Anandamide amazingly influences some moods and standard of living that life comprises. Studies done on rat brain replicas indicate the fact that the AEA has an influential anti-depressive significance on the brain. So, if your mood somehow worsens, Anandamide can boost it.


AEA is incorporated enzymatically in the brain areas that plays important role in memory control like wisepowder Lithium Orotate as well as a thought process, not excluding movement control. Researches recommend that AEA plays a crucial role in forming also breaking of connections on short-term linking nerve cells which are again associated with intelligence and memory. 

Studies conducted on animals put forward that, if AEA is taken in too much quantity, it persuades forgetfulness. This proposed, if matters could be built up that keep the Anandamide from connecting to the receptor of the same, this may serve the purpose for treating loss of memory. 

Likewise, it can boost the existing memory. So, these are the astounding benefits that the Anandamide (briefed as AEA) provides. 

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