Seven Legendary Jewellery Heists of This Century

Criminals come in two distinct guises. One is impulsive, brash and sloppy, another is thoughtful and meticulous. He plans his crime and lives nothing to chance. Over the last couple of years some criminals have managed to pull off impressive heists, stealing merchandise worth millions. Weren’t talking your garden variety of thieves who sneak into houses at night just to make off with a couple of bubbles worth a couple of thousand dollars, but thieves who pull off jobs like they do in movies. The important lesson here is that stashing your bullion at home without security is not a good idea. Instead of accumulating more when you don’t have security, keep your gold for a short time and sell gold bullion Brisbane when the price is right and conditions are in your favour. Use some of the cash to install security systems if you plan to buy more bullion in the future. 

The second type of criminal pulled off some of the most daring robberies that will go down in history as legendary and we will remember for years to come. Here are the top jewellery heists of the 21st century

  1. Dresden Green Vault Robbery

The Green Vault is located in the former royal palace The Redenzschloss in Dresden, Germany. It houses more than 3000 items of gold, silver, ivory and pearl jewellery. Amongst them is an emerald and sapphire studded figure of a moor gifted by the Russian Tsar Peter the Great. Thieves broke in with nothing but crowbars and made off with an untold amount of diamond jewellery. 

  1. Hatton Garden Safe Deposit

In 2015, some thieves spent their Easter weekend raiding some 300 safe deposit boxes in one of London’s famous jewellery district. They made off with millions worth of jewellery.

  1. Carlton Hotel

In 2013, the French Riviera was struck by a spate of robberies. One involved the robbery of jewellery worth €102 million that was on exhibition at the Carlton Hotel. The robbery happened in broad-daylight by one masked man brandishing a pistol and threatening to kill anyone who tried to do something heroic.

  1. The Robbery at Harry Winston’s

Four armed men, two of them dressed in drag robbed the Harry Winston store in Paris in 2008. They took €80 million worth of jewels.

  1. Antwerp Diamond Robbery

On 15 February 2003, thieves made off with $100 million worth of diamonds from the Antwerp Diamond Centre in Belgium. This robbery is regarded as the biggest in history and the most elaborate because of the security measures the thieves had to circumvent.

  1. Graff Jewellery Store Robbery

In 2009, two smartly dressed men went in Graff jewellery store on London’s New Bond Street and stole jewellery worth £40 million. They threatened employees and customers with handguns, however they were later caught and charged.

  1. The Doge’s Palace Robbery

In 2018, the Doge Palace in Venice exhibited Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah Al Thani’s Royal jewellery collection and two men grabbed a pair of diamond earrings and a brooch worth a couple of million euros. 

You may have some gold or you might be thinking of increasing your investment consider the safety and security of your bullion. If you believe that there is too much gold for you to keep secure then the best thing is to sell gold bullion Brisbane and only keep the amount you can secure. Some gold buyers offer vaulting services, maybe that can work for you going into the future. 

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