I have been so rushed off my feet now it’s my final few weeks of university (forever, how daunting is that!) that I had to take a teeny hiatus from anything but and pull my socks up. My posts will probably be a little more sparse than usual over the next few weeks while I have all of my (extremely stressful) hand-ins (because let’s face it what’s the point lagging in the last few weeks of a 3 year intense degree?) – but anyway, I was feeling all blue today, and I noticed that Annabel’s newly DIY-ed shoes matched pretty well with today’s outfit that I soon stole them! Today was actually so warm that even the light trench coat was too much, and it ended in me and Annabel taking a trip to Sainsbury’s and picking up a BBQ and lots of meat – hello, Summer, hello my old Ray-Ban Sunglasses – it’s been far too long!

So, it’s now a month later, and guess who’s back?! I finished my degree at last, no more all-nighters, no more blog abandoning, and no more everyday Dominos (which my body can be thankful for)! It feels so amazing for it to be over, not because it was all that bad, but just because it’s such a huge weight that has been lifted and I now get to spend time on the little things that I didn’t have time to do, like sleep, read, catch up on my favourite shows as well as the 7 month deep Elle magazine stack on my dresser that I’ve been dying to finally look at…. it really is the little things that count!

Moving on…. In celebration of all the hard work being over and my introduction to the ‘real world’, I have done SO much shopping these past two weeks. You could probably say it was more retail therapy from deadline trauma than celebratory shopping, but I have so many amazing new things that I can’t wait to show you now I’m finally back on The Fashion Wonderland, so keep an eye out for lots of new posts on my usual regular basis and also some exciting new things that I have up my sleeve.

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