3 Greatest Things to Do to Discover Bintan Island’s Hidden Beauty


Bintan Island is the most oversized island among all little islands in the Riau Islands Province. This island is the escape of luxury hotels and hotels, beautiful coastal perspective, and you’ll find different charms within this hidden beauty.

You are able to find its hidden beauty as Bintan Island still conceals many historic heritage websites. Since the people are the ideal mix of Malay, Java and Dutch civilization, it shapes particularly the design styles.

To find out more about Bintan Island’s charms, please read this Informative Article until the end to know the cultural diversity That Is very Stunning:

The Sack Race from the Sea with The Children of Panglong Village

The children in Panglong village love sack races so much. Just take this opportunity to bring out your inner child by competing yourself against them. It will be as much as you see how bright the delight from the children faces, but it may not be as simple as it appears!

Have you ever heard of Dancing Fish? Try It in Bintan

Some folks might believe fishing is an incredibly dull activity, but it could possibly be a favourite activity for others.

Nevertheless, in Bintan, fishing is going to be a joyful activity even if you despise it. Because, instead of just sitting and waiting for the fish to capture your hook all day long, Bintan folks make it even more impressive by introducing the famed dance fish.

The teal will be useful on-site to execute it and check once your fish has taken from its own hook. If you are interested in trying out fishing the dancing fish, attempt and do it in the evenings, then you’ll be simpler to grab Bawal, Patin, Nila, Mujair as well as Gurame fish. But do not be concerned in the event you never tried fishing ahead, since the fish will swim around the confined region so the opportunity to catch the fish will probably be more fantastic. This is an excellent activity for your family holiday and relaxing to appreciate the day. To try this activity, you are able to spend Rp100.000 per hour.

The Plaza Lagoi Weekend Bazaar, the Food Paradise You Will Not Miss

The holiday is incomplete without even trying some regional foods, Bintan meals are no exception. However, the food is usually sold for a higher price by the locals for only tourists. But should you want to find the local food at the local price, you are able to get it at Plaza Lagoi Weekend Bazaar.

The Plaza Lagoi has been Bintan’s very first retail mall which opened at the mid of 2015. There are two floors with around 60 store units on nearly 1000 sq meters. The meals bazaar will frequently open on the weekend, and you’ll find a number of local food stalls set up. Various neighbourhood food, for example, Ramly burgers, fried chicken, or Pop Ice, Indonesian’s renowned ice hockey — mixed with assorted toppings and flavours. Those values roughly Rp10.000 — Rp15.000!

Vacation is more than just the scenery, food, or accommodation, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Bintan Island by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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