5 Things to Do at Lake Toba and Its Surroundings

  1. Eat Batak food

How to know a culture better besides their food? Since the Batak individuals usually have a different culture from the rest of Indonesia, it is reflected from the food too. Among the more famed and popular dishes is the Batak Grilled Pork. Given that the Bataks are primarily Christians, they do not have dietary restrictions as with the majority Muslim people of Indonesia. But, it had been noted that it was becoming more challenging for the native Bataks to get non-halal meat and as such since their dietary patterns have been changing.

  1. Have a good coffee on a cliff

Many locals run small eateries at the edge of the seas in which the views are absolutely stunning. Providing local snacks such as Pisang Goreng and a good coffee, these are excellent places to have a peaceful sit and enjoy the breathtaking view of Lake Toba.

  1. Have a lakeside meal

There are lots of eateries surrounding the lake that provide a variety of cuisines from Batak Into Sundanese food. Chargrilled Fish that was recently caught from the lake together with rice and other dishes are worth trying.

  1. Climb Sibayak Mountain

Just like the rest of Indonesia, Sumatra has many active and dormant volcanoes. Mt. Sibayak is located close to the town of Berastagi, only two hours north of Lake Toba. Make an overnight hiking and camping trip with dozens of other hikers to see the sunrise. You will not regret the attempt to get there. You can find locally run hot springs in the area if you’d like to have a dip.

  1. Visit the tallest waterfall in Indonesia

The waterfall had been formed while the land nearer to the crater lake collapsed, exposing an underground river over the face of the valley. Trek down into the bottom of the waterfall and then allow the river rain stream down on you.

The beauty of Lake Toba is completely gorgeous. Please take a minute to capture the moment with your camera or anything else because it will be helpful to remind you about the glorious natural wonder of this waterfall.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Lake Toba by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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