How to take care of a Frenchie bulldog during winters?

Owning a frenchie Dog is not an easy job. Unlike other dogs, this breed requires excessive care and protection. French bulldogs have brachycephalic disorder which means that their respiratory system is not strong enough to support temperature fluctuations. Therefore, this breed needs immense care and protection both during summers and winters. To keep your dog healthy and fit during winters, it is essential to follow a care regimen for your pup. Below shortlisted are caring tips that will keep your pooch fit and healthy during cold months.

  • Pajamas– One of the cutest things that you can buy for your bulldog is a set of comfortable pajamas. Pajamas like Fawn W Mask Frenchie Dog Pajamas are an excellent choice for your pooch because the fabric is soft and is made up of 100% cotton. These pajamas are perfect to keep your dog warm during extreme cold temperature. It is a wise decision to provide extra layer of protection because these little creatures are incapable of changing their body temperature.
  • Sweaters– French bulldogs have short hairs and this is one of the reasons why their fur is not sufficient to protect them during extremities of temperature. Buying sweaters for your dog is an excellent winter care tip and one can find different range of sweaters- Full body sweaters, light or heavy sweaters.
  • Vaseline– As a French bulldog owner, you should be aware of the fact that this breed is highly sensitive and therefore it requires lot of care and protection. To disinfect the paws, clean the paws with warm water and dry it up with a soft towel. Before taking out for a walk, apply a layer of Vaseline because they will act a protective layer to keep the paws healthy and soft. After walking, you can use a towel to wipe out the Vaseline.
  • BootiesFrench bulldog pajamas and booties are a perfect combination and it makes them look cute and fashionable. Most of the owners buy clothes and accessories to make their dogs look fashionable. However, booties are an excellent choice to protect the paws during winters. Booties do not need any sort of cleaning. You just have to remove the boots but make sure that you clean up the paws with mild hot water.

Just by following the above tips, you can keep your dog safe and healthy during winter days. You can easily take him out for a walk and let him enjoy the beautiful weather but make sure that you take all the protection from beforehand!

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