Precautions to Take When Petting Crested Geckos

Crested Geckos are usually easy to tame, and they make great pets. However, there are always behavioral differences between one animal and the other, which is why you should be careful while petting and handling them. You can look up sites like for more details on such exotic lizards. You should be careful that while handling them, they cannot bite you or nip you. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Do Not Scare Them

In your exuberance of getting a new pet, do not scare the crested geckos. Remember, although they are easy to tame, they are not kittens or puppies! If you see they are not ready to be petted, or they are darting away from you as you reach out, leave them alone. If you scare them in your first few interactions, they might always see you as a predator and might never be comfortable with you around.

  • Losing the Tail

While you are petting your gecko, this is the thing you need to be most careful about. Crested geckos will drop their tails when they are stressed. This can seem scary at first, but almost all animals of the lizard species grow new tails. Nevertheless, try not to let this happen when you are petting your gecko. Handle them for small bouts of time and immediately let them go if you feel them wriggling. Look out for signs like heavy breathing, as this shows they are stressed, and you can let them go before they drop their tails.

  • Falling to the Ground

While you are petting your gecko, always make sure you have something soft under you when you bring them out of their enclosures. In the wild, crested geckos often leap to great heights when trying to get away from a stressful situation, but the land of leaves, branches, or on the soft and earthy forest floor.

Unfortunately, we only have the hard floor made of tiles and marbles at our homes, and falling on them could send your crested gecko into a shock. They usually have loose folds of skin in the lower part of their bodies that could cushion their fall, but it is still a good idea to be careful. For baby geckos or females ready to lay eggs, this could be even more harmful.

  • Cleaning Your Crested Gecko

Crested geckos in the wild do not have to worry about cleaning, but you should clean it once a week since you have one at home. While cleaning, please do not hold them too tightly and always hold them behind their heads to avoid a bite. Use a damp cloth to rub down their bodies with mild strokes lightly. Do not stretch their skin, and make sure not to add too much moisture as it could clog their pores.

If you are careful with your handling and petting in the first few months, the crested geckos will grow to trust you, and the later interactions will not be complicated at all. Handle them and pot them with confidence. It would not do well if you are yourself unsure or scared or jumpy geckos and let them fall. With time, you are sure to develop a great bond with your beloved exotic pet.

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