IAS Toppers & The NCERT Books They Read for UPSC

The UPSC Civil Services exam is conducted for the recruitment of IAS Officers. The exam is conducted annually and is the highest level of exam conducted in India. It is one of the toughest competitive exams conducted in India and aspirants wish to qualify the exam in the very first attempt, in which they appear.

IAS toppers are a role model for all aspirants for the UPSC exams. Aspirants wish to follow their footsteps in order to qualify the exam and analyse their strategy and sort out one for themselves to prepare for the exam. 

A majority of IAS toppers believe that the best choice of books are the NCERT books for UPSC preparation. The study material provided in the NCERT books are detailed, systematic and easy to understand and that is one of the major reasons why NCERT books are recommended by IAS toppers to study for the exam.

NCERT Books for UPSC Exam Preparation

As recommended by most people and especially the IAS toppers, NCERT books prove to be of great help for candidates preparing for the UPSC exams. Given below is a subject-wise list of NCERT books for UPSC preparation:

  1. An Introduction to Indian Art – Class XI – Indian Heritage And Culture
  2. Living Craft Traditions of India – Class XI – Indian Heritage And Culture
  3. Our Past Part I, II & III – History
  4. Indian and the Contemporary World Part I & II – History
  5. Themes in World History – Class XI – History
  6. Themes in Indian History Part I, II & III
  7. The Earth Our Habitat – Class VI – Geography
  8. Resources and Development – Class VIII – Geography
  9. Contemporary India I & II – Geography
  10. Fundamentals of Physical Geography – Class XI – Geography
  11. India People & Economy – Class XII – Geography
  12. Social Science: Social & Political Life I, II & III – Indian Society
  13. Sociology: Understanding Society – Class XI – Indian Society
  14. Social Change and Development in India – Class XII – Indian Society
  15. Democratic Politics Part I & II – Polity
  16. Indian Constitution at Work – Class XI – Polity
  17. Politics in India Since Independence – Class XII – Polity
  18. Politics in India Since Independence – Class XI – Economics
  19. NCERT Class VI to XII – Science
  20. NCERT Class XI & XII – Chemistry

So, aspirants preparing for the UPSC 2020 exam must start the preparation in full swing and follow the steps of the IAS topper from the past and refer to the NCERT books for UPSC exam preparation. Candidates must note that another key factor for referring NCERT books is the fact that since they are written for school going students, the language used is simpler and easier to understand, which proves to be an advantage for the aspirants preparing for the exam.

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