How to Create ‘Coming Soon Page’ for WordPress Sites – Best Plugins to Choose

Coming soon page is not to be overlooked or regarded as filler. There are many good reasons that reveal how coming soon page is beneficial, and some of those are given below:

  • Great lead generator – Build an email list as well as ask readers to follow you on social media.
  • Measure user interest – A pre-launch marketing page helps to get an idea about how much the customer is interested, so that you can determine if the time is right or not.
  • Generate Buzz – Offer a sneak peek of your upcoming product, give discounts or incentives to get people pumped.

How to create WP coming soon page?

On your WordPress dashboard under Plugins > Add New > install a preferred WordPress coming soon plugin. There are many developers and coming soon plugins to choose from. 

  • After installing, you will need to configure the page setting including logo, headline, and message. 
  • The next step is customizing the display setting including background image or color, font, and text. 
  • Now, save changes and activate the coming soon landing page. 

You are all set to gain email subscribers via a beautifully created pre-launch coming soon page. There is no need to wait for the launch to gather subscribers anymore. An optimized coming soon page will push you ahead as soon as your website goes LIVE!

Best plugins to choose for your WordPress coming soon page creation

Coming soon & maintenance mode pages for WordPress – [Rating 4.6/5.0]

It is a premium WP coming soon page plugin offering lots of valued features.

  • More than 120 stunning themes, easily customizable.
  • More than 1 million free high-quality images in the library.
  • Social media integration for building hype before launching your site.
  • Lots of different background options like video, color, image, etc.
  • Great SEO set up right from the start to optimize your prelaunch coming soon page.
  • A secret access link allows you to view the progress of your new website.
  • Supports CRM, autoresponder, as well as webinar and marketing software for easy email collection. 

Get things done rapidly with this plugin!

Under Construction Page [Rating 4.8/5.0]

Under construction page for WordPress is a simple and user-friendly plugin. Rather than displaying a blank page, you can be a professional and show your visitors an amazing landing page. 

  • Drag and drop builder helps to choose options and build page fast.
  • More than 210 templates that can be customized allow to create a coming soon or maintenance page in a few clicks.
  • Choose a date to start or stop maintenance mode automatically.
  • Direct access links
  • SEO visibility settings
  • Redirect URL rather than showing UCP
  • Cache-control
  • Zapier integration

UCP plugin gets updated twice in a month, so that the users can expect new elements!

Maintenance [Rating – 4.4/5.0]

When you customize your exiting site, put it on maintenance mode. Visitors will not be able to see the changes and chaos. However, as an admin, you will gain access to your site. Setting a site on maintenance mode informs the search engines [via 503 status code] that the site is temporarily unavailable. Features include – 

  • Add page title, headline, and an interesting description.
  • Upload a brand logo and customize its width and height.
  • Upload a background image, change color and apply background blur intensity.
  • Choose a readable and colored font.
  • Admin status bar.
  • Exclude pages from the maintenance mode.
  • 503 on/off

If you have any issues get in touch with the support team, who will assist you as soon as possible. 


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