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I myself started right at the university “rocking chair”, where the trainer was a former competing weightlifter and the visitors were appropriate: university students or former students, normal, working atmosphere, without folding and “friendly” chatter “for life”.

The guys came to “bomb”, but not “have a good time.” Then he changed the hall. Reason: the available working weights turned out to be small. For the third year now, I’ve been doing basement rocking, perhaps outwardly and not very attractive (at least my wife will definitely not go to her, give her comfort), but, for me, just right: Reputable Steroids Seller, strong benches and racks, a frame for heavy squats, exercise machines made by yourself in our city factories.

So, to the question of personal instructors, personal programs, transfer of experience, etc. similar. I was convinced from my own experience: people don’t want (I would say, they don’t want) to hear, and therefore do not perceive, any information that contradicts the “information” firmly “stuck” in their heads about how to do it: lose weight, gain muscle mass, lose weight.

All these idiotic “standards” of female beauty and affordability, indeed, have led people to come to the gym ready to do only what is convenient and mainly pleasing to them, and not something that is heavy and requires effort .

Hundreds of times I tried to explain that the multi-joint, really “working” exercise, at least squats, contributes to the loss of excess weight. And it’s okay that a girl (woman) will squat with a barbell on her shoulders.

No, they don’t hear anything and don’t want to hear anything. It’s more convenient for them to attach a belt loop to the ankle from the first lesson on the lower block and stand and wave a foot for ten minutes (and so on, three approaches to each leg). And the fact that she will burn a minimum of calories in these half an hour, well, a person does not want to understand.

I tried to explain to the novice guys what to grab in the first lesson for dumbbells weighing 2-3 kg. and “swinging” the forearms, bending the arms in the wrists, is at least unreasonable, and, apart from wasting time, will do nothing. He explained arithmetically that an increase in the muscles of the legs, at least by 3-5%, would give an increase in the total mass much more than could bring an increase in the same forearms by 10% (which still needs to be achieved). Useless.

Tired of proving something to someone. If suitable, ask, always ready to answer. But, for the most part, you have to look at how newcomers come and leave very soon, who have not achieved any results with their “trendy” programs; like girls stomping for months (and the most stubborn, for years) in one place, with obstinacy worthy of the best use, wave their legs for an hour and a half a week, or lift the same dumbbell weighing 1.5 – 2 kg for biceps. and with a happy (and, most importantly, contented) face, saying: “but I don’t need anything else.”

Mass bodybuilding really died, unable to withstand competition with comfortable, not intense fitness. Thank you for this to glossy magazines. It would be okay only for women’s glossy magazines (by definition, there can’t be anything clever in them, one “sex in a big city”). It’s a shame that both Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness (whose publisher was Joe Vader) actively contributed to this.

Strictly speaking, modern bodybuilding itself has contributed to self-destruction.

Compare the athletes of the 70s, the beginning of the 80s (and even those who spoke and won at Olympia) with those humanoid “monsters” of the masses, who are speaking and winning now.

Even with four and a half years of training experience, I will never believe that Coleman gained his competitive 130 kg. (with whom he went to the last Olympia), without using the “killer” pharmacology.

Well, it is unrealistic with the help of only weights and nutrition (even if using protein powder, bringing the number of meals to 8 per day) to achieve such a mass. After all, Frank Zan won with the “ridiculous” 73 kg. at Olympia; after all, Sean Ray spoke with a weight of 80 kg. at eight Olympia (evidently tired of proving that proportion is better than a pile of muscles).

Again, “thanks” to Joe Vader, who set the new Olympic “standard”. Indeed, all this led to the fact that a beginner associates the word bodybuilding exclusively with modern human-like “monsters” of the mass.

Most will call them mutants and will be right. And who wants to become like a mutant? That’s right, nobody. Therefore, for most, the word bodybuilding is an abusive word, they are afraid of bodybuilding like fire, it is more convenient and calmer to do fitness.

And the fact that modern competitive “bodybuilding” with the bodybuilding that existed in the “golden” 70s has nothing to do except the name, poor people, it is not known. And, they are not aware that the publishers of glossy magazines and sellers of all kinds of ABS Butterfly and other “muscle super-, megastimulators” do not give a damn about the effectiveness of what they print (sell).

Everything seems to be, thanks, if you read my letter, until we meet again in absentia.


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