Android phone Booster

Why Android boosters are so popular? When Android phones lose it performance and storage, phone boosters become must have app on their phone. Because hardware of those no longer able to cope with new apps and games. Phone boosters help to maintain device performance as much as possible. Many effective and popular phone boosters like NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner, Clean Master are completely free to use. Instead of asking payments, those apps use advertisements to cover their expenses. 

People tends to install apps and games they love. But forgot to uninstall them when those apps are no longer required. Many does not know unused apps has huge impact on device performance. Because even unused apps have background tasks running to push notifications related to marketing and updates. Those unused apps take considerable amount of storage space too. That is a waste of device resources. You can easily uninstall all unwanted and unused apps and games to get more storage and performance easily.

But deleting or uninstalling apps does not bring actual storage space you may require. It is due to junks. Junks get collected over time may take huge portion of your storage. You can’t delete junks manually. It is always better to use effective cleaning application to remove junks. If not, you may lose important files of apps, your study materials and etc.

You can install phone boosters like NOX Cleaners using your favorite app stores like Play Store, AC Market, Aptoide, AppVN. You can use phone boosters on Android TV boxes to get more storage space and performance. If you are unable to install any phone booster application via play store TV, you can use Filelinked or Aptoide TV. Make sure to use external mouse or mouse pointer application like Mouse Toggle for better experience.

Features of Phone Booster

Junk Remover – This can remove all junks from your device including downloaded apk files, cache files from apps and games, residuals from app updates, residuals from system updates, unwanted files from social media and messaging apps, duplicate files and etc.

Real-Time Antivirus – This app comes with antivirus scanner that can scan for viruses including malwares, adware, trojans, potential privacy threats and more. Get free real time protection against the threats that damage your phone.

Memory Booster – When the amount of free RAM is low, your device is also getting slower and sometimes stuck. Use memory booster to clean your RAM by closing running applications and processes. By doing that, you can run your current application at max performance.

Above listed only few features of phone boosters like NOX Cleaner. Feel free to try those awesome apps by yourself.

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