Benefits Of Verint Omnichannel In Your Company.

If you are wondering what Omnichannel is, it comes from the Latin “Omni” that means “all”, meaning all channels. Verint Omnichannel is a platform that uses AI to connect all the communication channels that a company has to contact with its clients and concentrate them in one desktop where employees can get all the information that the client has delivered to the company.

Nowadays clients can and want to contact their providers from many different ways and platforms. Clients want to engage with enterprises, organizations and service providers by phone, email, chat, social media like Twitter, Facebook, or many other ways, because each client feels more comfortable using their preferred platform and many times they use different platforms in order to continue the discussion about one subject.

To be able to manage all these channels you would need people attending and monitoring each channel. With an omnichannel like Verint omnichannel, it is easier to control and analyse all this information in one PC.

Verint Omnichannel maximizes employees efficiency in order to handle complex issues and deliver exceptional customer service.productivity by giving to the employee through the desktop interface all the client information. It also records all activity on the desktop allowing managers to analyse and evaluate their employees true performance.

Using Artificial Intelligence, employees can ask for assistance and give better service to clients. This Artificial Intelligence combined with the transcription of all calls from the call center, can identify the customer needs by analysing the words and the silences during the conversation. Also the unified desktop understands customer conversations, delivers the best information or best next action to follow.

This is possible thanks to knowledge management and case management from Verint. Using this tool, Artificial Intelligence can identify the client’s needs, even if the words in the article don’t match the words in the query. This way customers and employees use the same source of information leading to the same answer, even if questions came from different sources and using different words, giving consistency and accuracy in the answer to the customer. There are already clients using Verint Omnichannel connected to the Electronic Point-of-Sale (EPOS), so they can collect and have in the desktop the ticket information from the client.

With Verint Omnichannel it is possible to create a social network between all your employees, so they can collaborate between them 24/7 regardless where they are and using their own preferred device. With the increasing remote working that COVID-19 has promoted, using Verint Omnichannel management can track development and real-time working of all remote workers.

Verint Omnichannel is a very complex and complete tool that improves many aspects of the company. First it improves customer service, by concentrating in one screen all the channels by which the customer is contacting the company, also by unifying answers, gives accurate answers to customers even if customers are approaching with different words or being attended by different employees. And finally, it also improves inside management, by improving communication between co-workers and helping evaluate employees in a much accurate way.

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