Do You Want To Renew The Aesthetics Of Your Home? Then, We Tell You Which Floor To Buy

One of the most important parts at home is the floor, not only for its usefulness but also because it is a critical element of the decoration, as it can help create different environments.

However, there are floors today that, in addition to decorative, have properties that meet the needs of each space, are durable, affordable, and are even made of sustainable materials.

From warm wood floors to those made of sustainable materials, large dimensions, and light shades, these trends help create contemporary, spacious, and bright environments.

At this point, we are looking for a design and the quality of the materials. To review the most critical features, you find that resistance to wear, moisture, hardness, and maintain the color and design of each piece that is used; are among the most desired for a floor covering material, so we leave you the materials in trend and their characteristics so that when you go to the Burleson flooring store of your choice, you know exactly what to buy.

It is essential to define what type of flooring goes in each room of the house, not only its style and decoration in general because the type of flooring has a direct relationship with the room in which it will finally be installed. It would be best if you considered something significant, such as the base where the floor you have chosen will be laid since not all floors need the same ground, so they are well placed. According to the specifications that each floor has installed, it starts with a very well-leveled cement base. In bathrooms and kitchens, the final level of the floors must have a unique design for water runoff towards the center-floors that these rooms have for water drainage.


Warm and wonderful. Wood will never go out of style, and it will always be a success in decoration. It looks good in bedrooms as well as in the living room and dining room. It creates a cozy and harmonious atmosphere.

Depending on the finish, you can create a rustic or modern atmosphere. The quality of the wood is extensive and will be very resistant for high traffic areas such as the entrance of your home and the living-dining room.

Porcelain tile

Not only is the quality of this flooring remarkable, but the variety in styles and colors is also immense. But for a modern look, single-tone floors without patterns are ideal. They go perfectly in kitchens and bathrooms for their high moisture resistance and increased traffic. In the living room, colors like matte black will give elegance and sophistication.

In dark tones, the furniture should be light, such as beige or cream. It will look even more modern.


Despite being a classic, tiles are among the trends in flooring this 2021, especially those of significant size in white and gray shades, as these give an elegant touch to any modern space.

However, this trend has a variation: to create the appearance of some material without using the material itself, but its substitute. Thus, tiles that look like travertine, onyx, and limestone are significant trends, although concrete and wood models are also top-rated.

Polished concrete

An unusual but very trendy idea is polished concrete flooring. It gives an industrial, minimalist, modern, and a bit rustic look. It has become popular because of its simplicity, beauty, and easy maintenance. It has a smooth and shiny finish. It can be stained in different colors, have a unique look in your decor, and complement accessories or elements such as lamps and chairs.

These are just a few of the many options you can find at your favorite Burleson flooring store.

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