How Your Car Is Loaded While Transporting into a Container?

Shipping a car has turned into a very big business as there are many car manufacturing companies, who seek their service to ship their new cars to the location of different distributors spread all over the country. 

Ship a Car, Inc. will provide you a reliable auto transport company as they are the most experienced car shipping company in the USA who has been in this business for quite some time and also has a good reputation too. 

People who relocate to new cities or states also often seek their service, as shipping a car seems to be the most convenient and economical option to transport your car while relocating to any new city.

In this short write-up, we shall discuss the loading and unloading methods used by these transporters while they carry these vehicles.

  • The car needs to be prepared for loading

Before you transport your car through a car shipping company, you must make sure that your car is in fully serviced and cleaned condition. There should not any lose parts in the car as that can further get damaged during loading and transportation. Also, make sure that your car should not have any fancy accessories or fittings during transportation.

  • Select the size of the container

While loading your car, it is essential that a suitable size of the container must be chosen so that it can easily accommodate your car and there should be enough space available for opening the doors of the car.

Generally, the container size available is 20 feet and 40 feet respectively. Depending upon the size of your car suitable container will be chosen for loading.

  • Use of forklift

In many cases, the transport company uses its forklift while loading the car. Forklifts are available in different capacities that can lift a certain size and weight of the car and other vehicles.  

A forklift can eliminate any use of any manual labor to handle and load your car. 

  • Use of ramps

With many transporters, there is an arrangement available with them where they have a built-in ramp available where the carrier will be parked. The cars will then easily be loaded into transport through those ramp arrangements. In such a case, there may not be any need to use any sophisticated loading equipment for loading these cars.  

  • Secure the vehicle on the transport

After loading the car, it is essential that the car must be secured by using a certain clamp so that the car may remain in a rigid position while the carrier is on the move. There can always be bumpy roads on the way and hence the car mustn’t get damaged. 

Most of the car shipping companies have sufficient arrangements in their premises to load and unload all types of vehicles as they have to deal with such activity day in and out. They also have experienced people who can do this job in the safest possible manner, so that your car will be safely loaded and unloaded before and after transportation. 

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