Invest In Moissanite Rings To Balance The Ecosystem

Simulated diamonds or lab diamonds have grown in popularity over the past few years and are now a popular alternative to natural diamonds. Due to the rarity and highly improbable conditions needed to create moissanite rings, they are naturally more sought after. But man made diamonds also have their own set of advantages that may convince you to invest in one.

  • Lab diamonds are much less expensive

Cheap moissanite rings can be delivered using lab created diamonds. This is a given due to the fact that the production process of a man made diamond does not take millions of years like their natural counterparts. You can expect a price reduction up to 25% of a natural diamond and considering the quality of the stones, they will always make a fantastic bargain.

  • Man-made diamonds and natural diamonds are the same things

What a lot of people don’t realize is that natural and man-made diamonds are incredibly difficult to tell apart. Since they both carry the exact same molecular structure, even highly qualified gemmologists are not able to tell the difference without extensive testing.

  • Simulated diamonds are bigger and clearer

Unlike natural diamonds, chance and randomness rarely play a part in the synthesis of simulated diamonds. Due to the highly controlled production conditions, scientists are able to create diamonds that are clearer and bigger, with greater regularity.

  • The environment is not harmed in the production of lab diamonds

If you do a bit of research on diamond mining, you will notice that these operations are massive in scale and often tend to leave the surrounding environment in tatters. As for artificial diamonds, they are made with a modest amount of resources and created inside laboratories with minimal or no damage to the environment.

  • Lab diamonds are guaranteed to be free from conflict

The majority of natural diamonds are mined in war-ravaged parts of Africa. These diamonds often leave a trail of violence, abuse, and in some cases, even civil wars. Even the diamonds from conflict-free zones are extracted from the earth employing underprivileged labor and human rights violations. Lab diamonds are subject to such controversy and are created by qualified and trained professionals and leave absolutely no doubts about their origins.

  • Colored lab grown diamonds are not as expensive

White diamonds are the most difficult to grow inside a laboratory and therefore, are much more expensive than the colored versions. Lab grown blue and yellow diamonds are only about 10% of the price it would cost for their mined versions.

  • You can expect greater clarity from lab diamonds

Once again, the fact that lab grown diamonds are created in controlled conditions ensures a higher probability for clearer and larger stones. While flawless natural stones are extremely rare many manufacturers of lab diamonds have managed to refine their techniques enough to ensure flawless or near-flawless quality. In addition, some manufacturers add a special coating to prevent damage to the stone as well as to increase its ability to reflect light. Aside from flawless clarity, you can also expect greater resistance to damage as well as a brighter sparkle.

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Moissanite is an economical solution:

While some of you may not be convinced to consider giving your fiancé-to-be a lab grown diamond, others might find them an economical solution that can be enjoyed with a clearer conscience. There are plenty of reliable online stores that offer beautifully handcrafted lab grown diamond jewelry as well as exquisite and flawless loose stones to use on your own designs.

How is it different?

There are several key differences between man-made diamonds and earth mined gems. To discover which option is eco-friendly and less expensive, read this article now! The environmental impact and the price is all that make a difference. While lab diamonds are just like earth mined diamonds; same timeless beauty, fire, brilliance, unique colors, hardness, and quality; purchasing a created diamond is often easy on the wallet and the environment.

Why Moissanite is a better option?

The stress on the eco-systems from earth mining diamonds is pretty harsh and diamond mining, in reality, is an expensive and dangerous process. These factors are reflected in the price tag of the earth mined stones. The biggest advantage of the created diamond lies during this price factor differential. A lab created diamond is typically less costly compared to a mined colored diamond.

A 1-carat earth-mined diamond can cost thousands of dollars while a created diamond of equivalent size and weight is often found at a fraction of the cost. What’s also interesting is that it might take a licensed jeweler to detect that these lab diamonds haven’t been harvested from the world. Even then, the experts find it difficult to detect because lab diamonds are identical gemological. What this means is that the man-made diamonds are certified to be chemically and optically identical to their earth-mined counterparts.

How effective and impactful Moissanites are

In addition to having the ability to get a created diamond for a fraction of the worth, the creation of a lab diamond doesn’t harm humans, animals, or the valuable environment. Another great advantage of created diamonds is that they will be cut even more proportionally, as compared to the mined gems. Only ten to fifteen percent of natural diamonds achieve the perfect cutting proportion whereas artificial diamonds can nearly always be cut proportionally. Earth-mined diamonds also are hard to seek out without a flaw. The more flaws the lower the price and the less desirable to the human eye. It is quite common to find mined diamonds with defects and inclusions.

How technology helped us evolve

While many diamonds are often moved can disguise a number of the issues, some are too apparent to cover. On the opposite hand, lab diamonds are nearly flawless to completely flawless thanks to the precise processing and therefore the ability to regulate the expansion of the diamonds during a laboratory setting. Thanks to the marvels of modern science and cutting edge technology, now you can afford to buy flawless, man-made diamonds at a fraction of the price and do so confidently knowing your purchase will be eco-friendly.

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