Obsession With Moissanite – A Passing Phase Or An Era

For the past two years, we have all being hearing about Moissanite. Is the whole world obsessed with it or is it here to stay? That remains to be seen. Well, there is no doubt that it a cheap replacement for the diamond. Now, traditions are very important for weddings and engagements. One of the biggest expectations that would-be-in-laws have is that the bride should have a diamond engagement ring. They are the coveted requirement for all things grand and flashy, like weddings. Weddings are to be remembered right? They deliver stories for gossip. They are impressive, and there is no doubt about that quality. Moreover, they are hard and sturdy. Many people propose with diamonds as well.

However, what is keeping many people away is the price tag. Yes, indeed diamonds are expensive. They also have an impact on the environment. Yes, you must be aware that diamonds are a part of non-renewable earth’s resources. Therefore, more conscious people are looking for alternatives. Moreover, if the alternative is cheap, you can go for it.

For the past two years, brides are getting attracted to alternate varieties of engagement stones like Moissanite. The biggest trend this season is quite happening. People are loving it.

The Looks Can Be Deceptive

The truth can never be closer than this. You can easily confuse it with a diamond. It requires a jeweler’s eye to scan it length and breadth-wise and find out the correct identity. Initially, Scientist Moissan had found the remains of this gem in a crater. These inexpensive gems are currently replacing the diamonds in more ways than one. More and more people are buying it today. At first sight, you may feel that you have hit a jackpot, but there are some stark differences.

These stones have a brilliance that is sharper than diamonds. In fact, they create a fireball effect. They also tend to have a greyish or a yellowish tint. Moreover, they are sturdy enough to face the hassles of life. Yes, you are correct. You can wear them all the time. Therefore, nothing can come in their way to become popular.

Alexander Sparks is handling the trend quite well. They have a huge selection of jewelry in various gemstones. Moreover, they are quite popular in the engagement and the wedding market. You name it, they have it. They have conquered the territory of this fine gem. They have an approach that matches up to your expectations. Moreover, they come from Charles and Colvard who hold patents in producing this wonderful gemstone. They are stocking on a huge collection of Moissanite earrings today.

Moissanite Earrings

There are a variety of earrings for you to choose from. They are available in 10K, 14K, and 18K. They are available in platinum, and white gold. That is quite some variety to choose from. You may also get a few in rose gold or yellow gold. The collection is a beautiful one.

Take the example of the 1.00CT TW Moissanite Studs. They are set in a four-prong basket with one Forever One gem in the center. Now, that makes you the center of attraction for the crowd. They have a screw-back or push back style. Moreover, you can use them for daily wear. They will not fade or change color. These earrings come with a warranty from Charles and Colvard. Moreover, you can increase the size of the stone.

Alexander Sparks has some prominent designs in store for you. The 3.00CT. TW earring stud is a defining moment in a business woman’s life. There is a four-prong basket design with a Forever One gemstone in central position. You can wear it and flaunt it after the engagement function in the office. The round cut Charles and Colvard piece is a great choice for daily wear. They also carry a lifetime warranty. The Forever one gemstone is a great choice for ear studs.

All crystals of the gem created in the laboratory are made up of silicon carbide. They are refined for years to create that brilliance. The Forever One is whiter than the other grades. It is similar to real diamonds in looks. It is hard as well. Therefore, you can even pass on the stud to your children. They will cherish it.

It is just like water. It is a product of years of study. You are lucky to be born in a generation where such stones are available. It stands on a scale of 9 on the Mohs scale. The silicate in the gem repels dirt and grime. So, you should be happy to know that your stone is safe from dirt.

Now, you have to decide which one you want to go with? The answer lies in your heart. If you can tell others about the benefits of this wonderful stone. You can love the stone in all its entirety. It may be a passing phase, but you can take full leverage. Moreover, buy them in huge quantities. You can also think of them as gift options. They will mesmerize the receiver.

They may rule as long as something prettier does not crop up in some crater or in the laboratory. It remains to be seen now. Moreover, you gain a lot by buying from Alexander’s. They give you a buy-back option and a 30-money back guarantees. So, that may be the reason to choose from the. There are other retailers in the market as well. However, they are good with delivery of orders as well. They use the fastest shipping services. You can receive the product in great condition. So, you have already decided on your purchase of a ear stud in the gem. So, just click the buy button and order. Pay through cards or vouchers. There are many options out there. You will love the buy and even flaunt it at the brunch that your friends throw for you. That will be after the engagement of course.


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