Two Frequent Problems of AC Units and Solving Them

If the Air Conditioning System Will Not Turn On

Feasible Reasons

If you cannot obtain the air conditioning system to turn on whatsoever, then amongst the most typical reasons exist with a blown fuse or stumbled breaker, a faulty thermostat or incorrectly set, or an interior switch being off.

Possible Solutions

  • Guarantee the thermostat itself is in the cool setting and not established to OFF or HEAT.
  • Validate that the thermostat is set below the present space temperature.
  • Inspect to make that the 240-volt breaker, or double-pole breaker, controlling the air-conditioning condenser/compressor system as well as the 120-volt circuit breaker managing the separate air handler or heater blower remain in the ON placements. If the circuit breaker has tripped or a fuse got blown, then reset your circuit breaker or change the fuse. When you reset the circuit breaker or change the fuse as well as they strike or trip again, stop as well as call an air-conditioning service technician, such as  as you might have an extra severe problem, such as a brief circuit.
  • Validate that all buttons around the AC are readied to the ON placement, consisting of the exterior security switch, which is normally situated on an outdoor wall next to the condensing system.
  • Check the condensation overflow tray, when your system has one if there is excess water. Sometimes this tray is mounted in remote air handlers that use condensate collection instead of a condensate drain pipe. When utilizing a tray, there might be a sensing unit switch that transforms the system off when water accumulates in the tray.
  • See to it the blower door on the air handler is firmly shut. This is located inside, on the main heating system blower unit.

If There is Poor Air Movement from Air Conditioning Vents

Feasible Reasons

Poor airflow results usually from messy ductwork or air filter that has ended up being crimped, obstructed, and even separated.

Possible Solutions

  • Confirm that the air filter in the air trainer is clean. If it’s filthy, clean, or change the air filter.
  • Visually check all ductwork to see to it has not ended up being separated or dirty. This consists of ductwork that may remain in the hard-to-reach basement, attic room, or crawl-space areas. Link or fix ductwork as required.
  • Inspect register dampers on vents in the spaces to see if they are completely open.

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