What Are the 7 Different Types of Bail Bonds?


Posting bail is a serious affair, so it is worth mentioning that there are various kinds of bail bonds. You can look into Lancaster county bail bonds for information on available bond services. Here is an explanation of the seven different types of bail bonds.

  1. Cash Bail Bond

Cash bail bonds are paid using cash. Though many correctional facilities only accept dollar bills for this type of bond, some will allow you to use credit cards or cashier’s checks. Typically, you can, after fulfilling all your court-related obligations, get your cash bail payment back.

  1. Property Bond

You can use a piece of property as collateral to obtain a property bond. This kind of bond is not legal in all states; some states, like Georgia, Colorado, and California, accept it. A property bond can take weeks to settle because the property appraisals and administrative procedures associated with it take a great deal of time.

  1. Surety Bond

If you are in custody and cannot pay your bail in full, you can reach out to a bail bond agency. The agency will provide you with a surety bond–an agreement that states that the agency will pay your bail as long as you agree to pay 10% of the cost upfront, pay the remainder of the cost later on, and show up for all your court dates.

  1. Federal Bail Bond

Federal bail bonds are utilized in cases that involve federal crimes. You can, by communicating with a court, use property or cash to attain a federal bail bond.

  1. Immigration Bail Bond

People who are not U.S. citizens can obtain an immigration bail bond if arrested. It can be hard to get this type of bond since it is allocated for non-residents and non-citizens only. It may be best to seek professional help when attempting to acquire an immigration bail bond.

  1. Citation Release

Citation releases are used in situations wherein an officer does not take you into custody, rather he or she puts forth a citation that requires you to attend court and pay the citation in full. Note that you cannot request that an officer give you a citation release; it is up to him or her to determine whether or not you should receive one. 

  1. Recognizance Release

Recognizance releases do not involve any monetary payment. If you are granted this kind of bail bond, you have to promise to appear in court to be released from custody.

If you ever find yourself in police custody, it would help if you knew about the different forms of bail bonds. Knowing about them can lead you to better protect your rights and finances.



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