When women go to strip clubs

For women, going to strip club isn’t the kind of thing that they would gladly admit to. Most women are anxious about strip clubs, they are usually uncomfortable with nudity. The fact is that we are all wired differently. We see women as mothers, as nurturers not sexual beings. Strip clubs on the other hand, are often seen as dark, seedy places that respectable women would not be caught dead in. That notion has been disintegrating in recent years, one could argue that women have reached a peak in their own  sexual revolution and strip clubs are desperate to change the misconceptions and being less on the fringes and part of the general nighttime scene.

There are strip clubs Melbourne that cater to a female audience and not just the crazed, drunken hens having their last blow out before they get married but gals just going out for a drink and looking to have a good time.

Pop culture has done a lot to make stripping part of the mainstream culture. It might have something to do with how strippers have been depicted in the movies. It is always portrayed in the periphery, a place where drug dealers go to and cops frequent when investigating crimes. It’s dark, dingy and the women don’t look so happy to be dangling down poles. Strippers become props in B-grade movies, they don’t get depicted as people with lives and who have a character and lives outside of strip clubs. Then Magic Mike came along, then tv shows like the U.S, P- Valley. And then strippers turned reality stars and celebrities, make up moguls and rap stars and suddenly, people finally get it. Strip club performers are no longer stigmatized, they are just individuals trying to earn a living.

What makes strip clubs exciting is that, you might get the same performers but you won’t get the same performances all the time. They switch things up. It has become more about the talent rather that just about being naked. Performers create themed performance. It could be: Game of throne or circus du soleil;  cowboy themes to gangster nights. There is something different every night which adds to the fun and excitement of visiting strip clubs. It’s like a theater, it’s like seeing a play. This new direction and new way of seeing the strip club industry differently has made it less taboo for women to visit one just for their own entertainment and pleasure.

Strip clubs Melbourne offer more than just nude dancing girl, most offer great food and killer cocktails. You get clubs that have more than one stage and more than a couple of girls performing at one time. Some clubs have dance floors for punters who might feel inspired by the music to get loose and shake their bodies on the dance floor. Basically, at the end of it all, strip clubs want punters to have fun And they will pull all the stops to make the strip club visit the most memorable thing they have ever gone through.

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