Which Betting Strategy Is Best, And Which Is the Most Profitable?

Many methods and strategies, but what does it deliver? Bookmakers have researched all methods. We are happy to explain the research results to you and explain the differences: five methods, five completely different outcomes.

Of course, it is easy to say that having a strategy is important when betting. But what makes a useful strategy? In various articles, we try to let you make that decision yourself.

Everyone has their preference and their reasons for using it. Hence it may be interesting to test out the five most commonly used methods over a range of 500 bets. Pinnacle did that and came up with the research below.

Bet everything

With this method, you use your entire bankroll. You do that every time until you lose. You were probably smart enough to know that this is not a smart strategy, but now this research also confirms that. In this investigation, the first bet already went wrong. 

Doubling strategy

The doubling strategy was chosen, although the martingale tactics. You keep doubling until you make a profit. In theory, you can, but then your bookmaker should have no limits, and you should have a huge bankroll.

The latter is not the case in this study; our bankroll is a maximum of $ 1000. You can see in the graph that it has been going well for a while, we are rising quickly and our bankroll is increasing considerably. Unfortunately, it goes above $ 5000 after taking about 90 bets wrong. 

Proportional Betting

With this method, you stick to a percentage. In this case, 10%, since we use $ 100 of our total bankroll ($ 1000) on the first bet. Should the first bet be successful, you would again take 10% of your entire bankroll $ 110 (10% of, in this case, $ 1100).

This way your winnings increase faster than with your fixed bet and you ensure that you delay your loss.


In this study, betting according to a fixed percentage is best of which you can visit betting sites like บาคาร ่าสด for great option. Of course, you cannot conclude from the results and the amounts of the research. You can conclude that certain strategies are better for the long term than others. But that does not mean anything; because you may not feel like having to make nearly 500 bets at all.

If you quit after 50 bets, you would have made much more profit with a doubling strategy than with proportional betting.

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