Best Thrillers of 2019 to Leave You Breathless


Every day there are more and more movies released, whether they are action movies, romantic comedies, dramas or thrillers; with all these options, it can often be difficult to find something to watch. And even if you can find something to watch, how can you know if it will be any good? Fortunately, there is never a shortage of new Telugu movies online for you to enjoy. These movies have something for everybody, no matter what types of movies they normally like to watch-if you look hard enough, there is a Telugu movie out there that you will certainly enjoy. Telugu movies cover all genres, but today, let’s focus on thrillers. These movies are captivating and exciting from start to finish; viewers will be at the edge of their seats as the movie’s heroes try to stay a step ahead of their enemies. If you like your movies to excite you, look no further than these three new Telugu movies available online. Mr. KK, Vadaladu, and Napoleon. While all three of these Telugu movies are certainly worth watching, each one will be summarized and explained; that way, you can decide beforehand if you would be interested in any of these movies.   

Mr. KK

Mr. KK, starring Vikram in the leading role and Akshara Haasan and Abi Hassan as supporting characters, is a movie worth checking out if you like excitement. This movie tells the story of famed criminal KK as he evades police while also trying to repay his debt to the doctor that saved his life. This movie received many positive reviews from a variety of publications; many of them praised the movies exciting action sequences and consistently surprising plot. It also did well at the box office. If you want a fun, exciting movie, look no further than Mr. KK.  


If you like exciting, paranormal thrillers with real-world importance, Vadaladu could be the movie for you. This movie centers around a food safety officer named Jagan as he tries to get to the bottom of a scandal in his department, while also trying to win the love of a local school teacher. The movie really kicks into high gear when the businessman Jagan exposed begin to die of supernatural causes. This movie also received positive reviews from a variety of writers; it could be worth checking out if you like your thrillers with a paranormal edge to them. 


Last but not least is Napoleon.  This movie might have the unique premise out of all three movies; it is about a man who loses his shadow. He attempts to report the loss of his shadow to the local police station, and as they attempt to find his shadow, his story unsurprisingly becomes the talk of the town. As fascinating as this original premise is, the story only gets more interesting from there; the way this movie ends is a total surprise, and it certainly keeps the audience guessing until the very end. If you have a chance to see it, Napoleon is not a movie to be missed.

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