Increase your Grilling Success by Avoiding these Mistakes

Summer is the grilling season. Unfortunately, grilling can be done wrongly and many of us are not aware of the mistakes we make when grilling our favorite steak. From how to keep charcoal lit to when flipping a steak, there are many mistakes we can make when grilling. If you want to serve your family or friend with perfectly-grilled meat cuts this summer, Rib’N Reef suggests that you avoid the following mistakes:

Failing to Understand How the BBQ Works

When searing steaks, you must keep the lid open and if you have to pay close attention to it. You can close the lid when you move it to indirect heat and allow the smoke to do its thing.  Often, quick-cooking foods such as vegetables, fish, and hot dogs can be cooked with the lid open the whole time.

Moreover, your charcoal can only be ready for cooking if it has an even temperature. Move the charcoal around using a poker tool. It should be ready if most have turned white and the charcoal is not producing smoke anymore.  Also, the charcoal grilling vent must be kept open when searing steaks and left only partially opened when you lower the temperature.

Not Keeping the Charcoal Lit

Not knowing how to keep a charcoal grill lit will result in your meat turning into a crispy hockey puck. Good grilling means getting a nice sear and letting the internal meat get to temperature as efficiently as possible without drying out. You cannot achieve the best BBQ results when your BBQ only burns half its charcoal. When the charcoal turns gray on its edges, move it around with a poker. This should be done every few minutes or when the fire starts to dim.

Not Ensuring your Grill is Clean

Keep in mind that you must season the grates before cooking and they should not be dirty. Leftover food on the grill can make your new food taste funny. Also, cooking over bacteria that has been sitting there since your last BBQ get-together is a serious health hazard. Thus, ensure your grill is clean after every use.

Failing to Let the Grill Heat Up

To be successful in grilling, you must know how long to heat up a charcoal grill or gas grill before you put anything on it. High heat offers steak and burgers a great sear and gets things started. Usually, charcoal grills need around twenty minutes to get to the right temperature. Gas grills often take a little less time, typically between ten to fifteen minutes.

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