What Does A Company Secretary Do In Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is one of the main attractions in Asia for investors to incorporate their company. The region possesses great advantages for foreign investors to incorporate companies but there are key requirements they need to fulfil. One of the fundamental requirements is having a company secretary.

The company secretary acts as a representative of that particular company. Well, you can also opt for secretarial services in Hong Kong who can also help you to ensure the company and its operation complies with rules and regulations of Hong Kong company ordinance. Anyone needing their company complying with Hong Kong company ordinance then 3E Accounting Limited is Hong Kong Secretarial Company which provides secretarial services in Hong Kong.

Things A Company secretary Does in Hong Kong

Fulfil Tax Policy

Taxation is one of the things which attracts foreign investors to Hong Kong. Hong Kong company’s tax obligation must be fulfilled by the company secretary at the right time. Company secretaries register the company in the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) of Hong Kong and guarantee the deals of the company are recorded in government bodies. The firm’s secretary files tax returns at the appropriate time at the end of the financial year.

Keep Statutory Books

If the government seeks to check all the documents of a company then the company secretary must provide documents to the government. Secretary has to maintain and update these documents and also produce and distribute accounts and other reports to the shareholders.

Company Meeting Arrangement

Arranging the company meeting is one of the basic roles of the company secretary. Secretary arranges and takes part in meetings with directors and shareholders of the company and also prepares the meeting agenda and minutes. Decisions made during the meeting, the company secretary must assure that it is in compliance with government law.

Inform statutory changes of the company; company secretary is responsible for submission of documents to the registry if things like addition/removal of shareholders and directors, address changes, name changes, etc.

Advise The Company Directors

If the company is not doing well in the market then the secretary plays an advisory role within the company and directs. For example, appointing more experienced people in higher posts so that decline can be halted.

Complete Task In Time

The company secretary must assure that all the legal and statutory files are filed in time.

Other Roles

Company secretaries communicate well with shareholders and regulatory bodies. Secretary observes development in the corporate governance practice and gives advice to the board of directors.

Having a company secretary is not only a primary requirement in Hong Kong but also ensures that the company runs in full phase and is in compliance with government bodies. The company secretary provides various advice to the board of directors which helps in the overall productivity of the company and always makes sure that the company follows the rules and regulations of Hong Kong.

So, it is necessary to have a competent and qualified company secretary either as an individual or corporation. Hong Kong secretary company provides secretarial services to the companies needing them.

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