All the details about the IELTS examination for the UK

The International English Language Testing System is also called as IELTS. This exam is to test the knowledge of the people who want to immigrate to another country from their native. Especially the countries which are having the English language as a communication language such as United Kingdom, USA, Canada, etc must check their immigrants to pass in this IELTS exam and also having some cut-off marks.

IELTS exam are three levels a1 test, a2 test, and b1 test. Candidates who are applying for the visa they have to pass in this exam and also reach their cut off marks to get their wished college admission.

The first step to applying for the visa, a1 english test booking is an important one. ILETS exam will include speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. IELTS TEST are of two types based on their needs. They are IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. IELTS Academic is apt for the person who is going to start their studies at beginners level whereas IELTS General training is apt for those who are interested to join in company or other professions or they are going to do their master degree in those countries.

The IELTS Exam will be conducted on two types online and offline mode that means computer-based and pen paper-based exams respectively. There are more exams available for the qualification exam to get a visa but IELTS is the famous one to get a visa easily trustable one.

IELTS exam benefits:

IELTS exam is famous because of their fastest results we can get the results of computer-based exams in 7 days whereas the paper-based exam in 15 days.IELTS exam is valid for 2 years. Once they appear for the exam but not get a pass in the exam means they can reappear for the exam next time itself. There are no restrictions to take more attempts. IELTS exam centers are more than 1000 centers around the world.

IELTS exam details:

IELTS exam will be able for all the one including differently-abled persons by having an assistant. IELTS exam having the mark range us from 1 to 10.ILETS Exam conducted over 40 years. IELTS Academic exam and IELTS General training are the same but different in the topics. Academic exams related to the institutions or college choose professions whereas the general is based on general topics of the peoples who are interested in some fields. IELTS exam having different levels in that a1 level is the beginner level.

IELTS Exam will be conducted for 3 hours – listening 40 minutes, reading -60 minutes, speaking – 15 minutes, and writing – 60 minutes.

a1 Level Exam:

a1 level exam for the beginners to test the basic skills of English languages. In this exam, one can introduce themselves and their native, profession, family by simple language. They are also able to order their foods according to their wish and having discussions with their colleagues. They can able to survive in other countries by speaking simple languages. This is the main thing to test their skills in a1 level exam. IELTS exam is for the person who is completed 16 and above only not below 16 and also no higher limits. a1 test will be the 1st level of CEFR ( Common European Framework of Reference). After this a1 test passing can move to the next level of a2 test and then higher.

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