Interesting and Fascinating Facts About Queen Elizabeth’s Wardrobe

The world has already witnessed the amazing capabilities of queen Elizabeth who can manage remaining always in the spotlight without any hiccup and making headlines for the impeccable sense of fashion and style. Her wardrobes designs have been always a point of attraction in terms of many things such as perfect maintaining of her wardrobe, queen-like decorations, polished etc. Her entire day-to-day lifestyle is filled with fascinating and interesting facts such as she has been eating a custom cake every day from time immemorial or she does not know from when she has started to eat a custom cake every day. However, here are a few interesting and fascinating facts about the gorgeous wardrobe of queen Elizabeth and why she has worn pants only once in her life.

Yes, Queen Elizabeth has only once taken the photo of wearing pant in her lifetime when she went for a royal tour to Canada in the year 1970. During this tour, a young tailor who designed her a matte-silk trouser suit, and this was the first moment that the royal worn trousers in public. Similarly, another fascinating fact about her choice is that the queen always held a matching colour umbrella with her outfit. In addition to this, the queen also always preferred a specific matching and branded handbag and as per some authentic sources, she already has a collection of around 200 Launer bags which is one of the highest branda in the UK with an estimated cost of more than $1000 per retail bag. However, her favourite is the Traviata and Royale which has long handles that make easier for handshaking.

Another wardrobe attraction of queen Elizabeth is that she never prefers too wide hats and her favourite milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan professional designs hats for her which is neither too tall not obscure her face. Not even once her hats ever stuck when she either enters or exits her car. Queen Elizabeth’s scarves are only Hermes’ scarves especially silk Hermes’ scarves. Another wardrobe collection of queen Elizabeth is that her dress hems always fall below the knee and that is the reason queen Elizabeth has never encountered with any unexpected wind in her lifetime. The staff of queen Elizabeth maintain a strict and dedicated wardrobe log and they put every effort not to repeat outfits. But when she repeats the outfit, it is certainly planned and deliberately done.  


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